Garden Adventures have more than one string to their bow!

Here is a complete list of the services we offer our clients, both commercial and residential.

Parking Lot Paving Solutions

With the expertise that only long experience can bring, Garden Adventures can not only create or maintain your existing parking lot, but they can do it with a minimum of disruption to your premises.

Whilst we are working on constructing your new parking lot, we can ensure that your business remains open, by planning with you how and when to schedule the process.

We have experience of working on all types of premise, from domestic customers’ parking lot requirements, to that of shopping malls and office complexes.

Small or large, we can handle it all and also create all the signage you need too.

New Asphalt Constructions

Our ever-ready workforce is fully prepared when it comes to creating an all new asphalt construction.

We can excavate and remove your old or existing road surfacing efficiently. Then, we set about laying the new one, after considering the best options for your individual circumstances.

If it needs excavating, moving or digging, we have the staff and the equipment to do the job properly.

We will prepare the sub grade base and make sure the aggregate base is right before commencing.

Whatever the specifications of the job are, we can supply the right crew for you.

Landscaping Services

We don’t just lay your driveway, we can landscape the front yard as well.

Our crew can level, turf and completely renovate your driveway and yard and transform it into a green space, which sparkles with lush and vibrant foliage.

Contact us to see what we can do for your driveway or lawn!

Asphalt Cleaning And Maintenance

As well as installing and creating an all new asphalt driveway for your home or parking lot for your business, we can also maintain it for you.

Subscribe to our maintenance and cleaning service, for regular checks and cleaning.

We will brush, clean and scrub your asphalt and ensure that it stays in optimal condition, for as long as possible.

Our inspections also help to pinpoint any cracking or potholes, from an early level.

By signing up for our cleaning and maintenance service, you can be assured that all your repair jobs will be small ones!

Ultimately, maintaining your asphalt paving will cost you less in the long run!

Sealcoating And Resurfacing

We can arrange to sealcoat your all new asphalt construction, when we lay it for you.

We can also sealcoat any asphalt lot or driveway, subject to an inspection and performing the necessary maintenance on it first.

Additionally, we can assess if your parking lot is suitable for resurfacing.

Contact Colin or Jolene for more information about our services!