Should I Resurface My Parking Lot?

Some customers come to us with this question.

They have heard about the resurfacing of asphalt and wonder if it might save them some money.

Whilst resurfacing asphalt seems to be on trend at the moment, there are times when it might not be the right choice for you.

Here, one of our best asphalt paving contractors answer your questions about resurfacing.

What Is Resurfacing?

Resurfacing is where asphalt is overlaid with another layer.

Who Can Use Resurfacing?

Whereas it is completely possible for the domestic customer to have their home driveway resurfaced, it is more common for commercial customers to have this process done.

More often we will perform a resurfacing job on a parking lot, or on a highway.

When Might Asphalt Be Resurfaced?

Our driveway paving contractors see a lot of asphalt paving. But not every driveway is right for resurfacing.

We look for three things when deciding whether a driveway, or highway, needs resurfacing. These are;


The first thing our experienced contractors will check for is what the current condition of your driveway or parking lot is in.

They will look for the solidity of the surface. Then they will make an assessment of the cracks, breaking and any dips in the surfacing.


The next thing that we will look for is the state of the drains in your asphalt parking lot.

If the drainage in your existing lot is in a poor state, then we may not decide that a resurfacing job is the best option for you.

This is because adding another layer of asphalt, on top of an already compromised drainage system, will make the situation worse.


It is not only the state that your asphalt itself is in which matters. Our professional contractors will also be assessing the condition of the neighboring surfacing.

So, this means making an appraisal of the patios, curbs, concrete and nearby sidewalks, which are next to your parking lot or driveway.

It is necessary to check that by overlaying your asphalt surfacing, it will not cause a problem with the surrounding areas.

What If My Property Does Not Meet The Criteria For Resurfacing?

If your property or parking lot does not pass the inspection as a candidate for resurfacing, then there are other things that we can do.

If resurfacing is not the right thing for you, then do not worry. We can still help to regenerate your asphalt, be it parking lot or driveway.

An alternative to resurfacing might be to completely remove the top asphalt surface and maybe also the base of rock underneath it.

Will Resurfacing Make My Asphalt Look New, Black And Shiny Again?

Although resurfacing makes your asphalt look better, the process you are most likely thinking about is one called sealcoating.

Sealcoating is when we apply a protective coat to the top of the asphalt.

This is in order to help protect it more fully against the elements and the detrimental effects of the weather.

Resurfacing is putting another layer of asphalt on top of the existing asphalt surface.

Can I Have My Concrete Parking Lot Or Driveway Resurfaced With Asphalt?

In a word, no. This is not something which we recommend for concrete surfaces, whatever they are.

This is because the asphalt overlay will eventually start to copy the surface that it is laying on top of.

So, if you have cracks between the concrete slabs, then the asphalt that has been laid on top of it will also begin to crack.

When Should I Get My Asphalt Resurfaced?

The best time to have your asphalt resurfaced is in the spring or summer months, when it is warmer.

For the installation of hot mix asphalt to be done correctly, it needs a warm temperature.

Therefore, depending on the climate where you live, we would not recommend doing this job in the fall or the winter months.