When we started off in 1984, we were the first to admit, we were not experts.

Our business began with one man and a shovel – and not a whole lot else besides!

Founding member, John McDavish was a laborer who decided to strike out on his own.

Initially offering his services as a gardener and handyman, John also got a grounding in asphalt along the way.

Only a few years later, in 1989, and he had founded his own driveway and landscaping business.

This later evolved into a fully developed asphalt contractor service, in 1991, which continued to offer creative landscaping services additionally.

Now John’s four sons, Adam, Joe, Travis and Colin have joined the company and helped to expand it significantly.

Instead of just being a one man show, Garden Adventures now employs over a hundred professional contractors.

Each contractor is handpicked for his or her expertise in their area. We can put together a team which is just right for your specific needs.

Whether it is a large team, needed to excavate and dig a highway, or a smaller team, to resurface your parking lot, we can provide it.

And we are not all about the asphalt – although it is certainly the most important bit!

We also can lovingly landscape your front – or back yard – too!

From creating the ideal playground or installing a basket ball court, our team is ready to plan and lay the backyard of your dreams.

We have two fully qualified landscape gardeners aboard our team, who combine the practical with an eye for design and color.

Even if space is limited, you will be stunned at what we can do and how even small dots of color, can transform a plain asphalt driveway into something much more.

Whoever you are; a commercial business or a residential customer, we can tailor our service to meet your needs.

For more information, contact Colin or Jolene today!